Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School

That time of year again, off to school. We decorated these for my daughters new teacher at back to school day.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Toddler Made

My daughter wanted to make cookies for her Grandma, so we whipped up some cookies and after icing them white and letting it harden, I turned her loose with edible markers!
They turned out so cute!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Beautiful Summer Wedding

It is so much fun to do the cakes and deserts for weddings, but it is even better when the wedding is for your little sis! For her wedding, she wanted style she wanted to do a simple but classic cake in white buttercream, since neither of them cared much for fondant, and then she wanted to pair it with a desert table featuring some cupcake jars I had made the previous summer and cake pops-which her fiancé loves! Unfortunately the cupcakes I had done were a cream cheese frosting, and the venue didn't have a refrigerator, so we just did a basic buttercream frosting, but they were still yummy! Here are some pics from the beautiful, and yummy day!!
cherry chip turquoise and orange cake pops
Lemon cupcakes with Strawberries n' Cream Buttercream
Mr. & Mrs. Kelsey
Bottom Tier: Cherry Chip cake and Cherry Buttercream
Top Tier: Lemon cake and Strawberry Buttercream
Cake covered in a light Vanilla Almond Buttercream
Turtles made by: Top of the Cake
"Love" cake topper by: Better Off Wed Rustics
Photography by: Jaffa Photography
Venue: Millennial Falls
Cake & Treat Table by: padicakes

Friday, May 2, 2014

Bachelorette Cookies

These cute little cookies were made for my little sis' bachelorette party! Her colors were orange and turquoise, very summery! They were an almond sugar cookie with a lemon/vanilla icing.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Springtime Bridal Shower

Spring is such a beautiful time for an outdoor shower! I was so glad that my sister's bridal shower would be able to be held right when the flowers were coming out, but before it got too warm to enjoy being outside for awhile! We were lucky to have such a beautiful day! The color theme for the shower came from her invitations, which were perfect for a springtime theme!
Guests were asked in advance to bring their favorite recipe on a matching card to place in the recipe box we had on the guest table once they arrived. They were also invited to leave a few words of advice for the bride, as well as write an idea for a fun date night activity on a stick for the bride and groom before going to their seats for lunch.
 Guests were then given time to visit and fill out the quick bride quiz and "purse game" questions until all the guests had arrived.
The lunch menu was our Slider Bar and dessert table. Guests created their own sliders, custom grilled by my wonderful husband, nice enough to offer his Saturday for the event, then they were able to visit the dessert table, filled with the brides favorite goodies and treats. Among them were Cherry Chip Cupcakes, Almond Sugar Cookies, Pistachio Macarons, White Chocolate and Lemon Truffle Balls, Cucumber Limeade, Blackberry Mint water and an assortment of her favorite candies.

Games, gifts and fun were had by all, and as a parting gift; all guests received either a orange dreamsicle sugar scrub (which smelled divine) or a pink lemonade sugar scrub as a parting gift! What a fun shower to host!

the beautiful bride to be!
 Invitations: Party Monkey
Recipe Box and Advice Book: Bragging Bags
Date Night Jar: Decadent Designs
Host, Décor, Treats and Favors: padicakes

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hungry Happenings Feature

I was excited to see this morning that my tulip cake pops were featured on Hungry Happenings Gift Ideas post! If you haven't checked out their site, you definitely should! She has great ideas for EVERYTHING, and sends them out every few days! I've used her site for many a party ideas!! Check out the post, and her site here!
If you want a quick link to my Tulip Cake Pops, you see them here!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party


Can't believe my little girl is already 4! It was so fun to put together the Doc McStuffin's party she's been asking for since October! It's been fun to put together ideas with her and look for fun activities with her, she was so fun to plan with :) (given that 4 year olds want to do everything they see :) Enjoy the tour of our party!

::The Set Up::
          the birthday girl
Check In
  Upon "check-in" doctors were given their big book of boo boo's, with a check up list inside for their toys and a syringe pen to take notes.
They were also told to bring their favorite toy for a check up, and were given patient wrist bands.
Little doctors were given their lab coats, stethescopes, tongue depressors and girls were given a clip in flower for their hair, like Doc's 
                                                                 The Locker Room
On their way into the clinic, they were told to pick a patient from our basket of un stuffed toys, that they could later stuff and have a new "patient" to examine and go home with. 
       Our Clinic
each doctor got a bag of "stuffy's stuffin'" to stuff their new patient 
 After the doc's stuffed their new patient and did its check up, they were given a birth certificate and diploma from McStuffins University!
::The Food::

 Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies  
White Chocolate "Bandaids"
Chocolate Covered Oreos 
                                            These were a popular item! Strawberry Jello Syringes
a must have- Hugs and Kisses for your boo-boos! 
                                                                 Lambie's Fluff  (cotton candy)
Cherry Chip Cupcakes 
Marshmallow and Chocolate "Cotton Swabs" 
                                            White Chocolate Covered Pretzel "Thermometers"
Vanilla Wafer "Bandaids" with Icing Hearts 
                                                  Raspberry and Cream Macaron "Lozenges"
                                                  Little Milk and Juice Bottles for the Doc's
                                   (Perfect because they had lids with holes for straws! No spills!)
Chilly's Cucumber Limeade
(Always a favorite at our parties, nice and fresh even in the middle of winter!) 
Doc's Bag Cake

                                                                   ::The Party::
little doc's giving their toys a checkup, aided by the "nurse"

doc's stuffing their new patients  
Cake Bag & Doc Bag 
Getting ready to blow out the candles!  
Must have a piñata of course
When leaving, each doc received a box with some bandaid gum,
 pink and purple gum balls, bracelets and some goodies as well as a door tag with the "doc is in" on one side and the "doc is out" on the other to color. Then each guest received a wrapped candy bar
as a thank you!

 the Doc's!!
Invitations: FunPartyPrintable                                  
Decorations, Design and Food: padicakes
Doctor Coats and Stethescopes: MrsHappilyMarried
Signs: SBD Direct
Milk & Juice Bottles: babycakekisses
Doc Bag Cake: padicakes
Handout Boxes: Amy's Card Creations